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4C Church Consulting provides consultations that range from one-day visits to multi-month and multi-year services.
Fees for all consultations are donation-based (cost for the Church Health Survey is $245). Traveling expenses must be paid by a hosting church. 4C Church Consulting endeavors to provide personal and practical support to church leaders in the form of:

  • Church Health Surveys
  • Seminars
  • Individual Church Consultant Training

Church Health Survey
The Church Health Survey is a 160-item questionnaire that measures a church's perceived health in six purposes of the church: worship, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, prayer and ministry. Church leaders choose a sampling of the church membership to complete the 30-40 minute survey, and we provide a 40 page report for the church. The cost is $245 for a basic package (45 surveys, 45 answer sheets, and a 40 page report). The process and directions are self-explanatory, and the final report includes suggestions for addressing concerns raised. The minimum number of members needed to be surveyed is:

No. in Attendance

No. of Surveys Required










15% of worship attendance

Fee for the seminars are donation based. However the hosting church must cover all traveling expenses for seminars. The following topics are an example of available seminars. Other conferences and topics are available by Dr. Kang and his associates.

Opening the Front Door

How to invite people to your church? Practical information based on research of churches that have opened up their own front doors.

Closing the Back Door
How to stop the exodus of members and visitors in your church? Practical information based on research of churches that have closed their own back doors.

Assimilating Visitors through Membership Classes
How to convert visitors to members? A look at growing churches with effective membership classes and assimilation strategies.

Adult Bible Fellowship
How to grow adults spiritually? Basic principles to become a healthy and cutting-edge Sunday Bible Study Class.

Leading the Small Church to Growth
A look at the unique nature of the small church, emphasizing strategies to lead the small church toward growth. Based on research of growing small churches.

Personal Evangelism
Simple ways to lead a church to become evangelistic, first by equipping members to be evangelistic. Includes several options for personal evangelism training.

Individual Church Consulting
Dr. Steve Meenho Kang and his team provide consultations that range from analysis off site to one-day visits to multi-month and multi-year services. Fees for the consultations are donation based.

Some of the work of his team includes the following:

  • Church Health Assessment
  • Strategic Planning for Churches (Establishing a Mission, Vision, Core Values, Strategy, and Programs)
  • Reversing Declining and Plateauing Churches
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Community Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Facility Analysis
  • Staffing Analysis

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